Missionary Spotlight

Missionary Spotlight



Our mission ultimately as a pastoral training academy in Italy is as far as it depends on us to labor for the growth of    faithful local churches throughout the country. This faithfulness is characterized by a local church that habitually holds fast the Word of God and perseveres in the midst of suffering for that resolute commitment to the Word.

May the Lord continue to see fit to use us (ITA) for His work of edifying His Church in Italy, faithful local churches. 

 The Lor22195631_10214554638286871_4125706723816851164_nd has brought together in Italy such a gifted team of pastor-trainers.                 I personally continue to be amazed by the depth and conviction of the men              surrounding me in the work of ITA. Lucio, Massimo, Matt, Raffaele, and Gianluca are an answer to many prayers and many years of prayer for the Lord to strengthen the ministry of ITA in Italy. On top of this, our close friendship, like-mindedness, and love for one another simply keeps on growing.

 Sebastian 2017-10-28-PHOTO-00000145& Mersia are continuing to study english and Sebastian has started          attending the European Biblical Training Center.